Summer can be filled with a lot of joy, excitement and fun! But the transition from a rigid school routine to a flexible summer may be met with some resistance.

Expect kids to express and experience: 

  • Stress 
  • Anxiety towards a new routine 
  • Grief of ending the school year 
  • BIG feelings

Grown Ups can ease this transition by: 

  • Reflecting feelings: Give children the name for their feeling. They might not have the words for this yet. This might look like: 
    • You’re really missing your teacher and friends at school today. Its hard to shift into summer mode. 
    • Going to the pool was so fun at first, but now it feels overwhelming! 
  • Sticking with a routine. Using a visual calendar can help, especially when schedules change between camps and vacations. 
  • Set limits on behaviors. Accept the feeling, and target an alternative behavior.  
    • “I know you’re feeling angry that sister is playing with your toys, but siblings are not for hurting. You can punch your pillow instead.”